2016 Bird Conservation Workshop


Registration will open on February 13, 2016. Please check back!

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The Michigan Bird Conservation Workshop will take place March 17-18 in at the Kettunen Center in Tustin, MI. The workshop is intended to inform and connect members of Michigan’s bird conservation community, and to provide a forum for learning about the most current grassroots, academic, non-profit, and agency-led bird conservation work happening in the state. Please consider attending if you are…

a grassoots project leader or participant.
a high school, undergraduate, or graduate level student.
a teacher or faculty member.
a bird bander.
a birding trail organizer.
an agency staff member.
an employee of an environmental non-profit organization.
a land conservancy employee.
a nature center employee or volunteer.
an Audubon member.
anyone who enjoys learning about nature and the outdoors.

This annual program features over 25 presentations from professionals, students, and grassroots leaders. Here’s a sample of presentation topics from last year’s workshop:

  • Using the Midwest Avian Data Center to advance bird conservation in Michigan
  • Kirtland Warbler Recovery Team update
  • Diets of Botulism-affected birds in Lake Michigan
  • Avian migration at important stopover sites in the Upper Peninsula
  • An update on the Important Bird Areas (IBAs) program in Michigan
  • Assessing the reliability of citizen scientist tools, such as eBird
  • Owl Migration at Whitefish Point
  • The effects of anthropogenic noise on bird behavior
  • Building a Superior Birding Trail
  • Paradigm shifts in land management and bird conservation priorities
  • Forming a Purple Martin working group
  • Download the complete schedule from the 2015 workshop as a .PDF Document